Winter LSSAs canceled due to weather

By 9:00 AM on Friday, March 2 the decision to cancel all culminating sports tournaments of the winter sports season was final. This decision was made by all of the Athletic Directors of all of the schools that participate in the London Schools Sports Association (LSSA).


This decision was made due to the snowy and icy conditions surrounding the schools.  Director of Athletics John Farmer explained that due to the weather conditions, “families would [not] be able to get to their [school’s] campus to be able to load on to the busses [which] would get them into London.  Likewise, [schools] wouldn’t be able to commit to get their staff on campus to host an event.”

The majority of the schools in the LSSA did not have school in the days prior to the tournament. “It’s hard for a school that’s been off for three days to then be able to put on a big event the following day,” Farmer said.  “The fact is that [the schools] said they were not functioning.”


Although ASL was not as impacted as the other schools with only one snow day, “for [ASL] it became we can’t have a tournament with no other schools in it,” Farmer said.


Some students questioned why the LSSA tournament was not rescheduled.  Farmer explained why it was impossible for the LSSA tournaments to be pushed back another week. “All of us are in the same boat in terms of what we’ve got [on our schedules].  We all have [ISSTs and LSSAs] this weekend and then we all start spring sports the following week,” Farmer said.


The decision left some of the community disappointed in how their season ended. “Most people were just surprised. They were just like, ‘wait, is that it?’  They just felt like they were missing something,” Martin said. “I was shocked because I had never seen an LSSA [tournament] cancelled before,” Jarred Martin (‘19), captain of the JV boys basketball team said.  “There’s been a few instances where we played teams that we lost to and we [felt] pretty strong that if we had one more chance [to play them] we could have beat them. In terms of pride we were upset that we didn’t get a chance [to play the teams we lost to again],” Martin said.


Helen Roth (‘21), captain of the JV girls basketball, recounted how disappointed her team was following the cancellation. “One of our goals was to win LSSAs and that goal was ready to be achieved because we worked hard in practice and our hard work was paying off,” Roth said.


Roth described LSSAs as the “grand finale” that, in the end, their season lacked. “[We wanted to] see our improvement, it was just really annoying that we wouldn’t have the chance to see the overall effect of our hard work.”


The decision was not taken lightheartedly. “It’s not easy [to cancel LSSA] because hundreds of students were not able to have their season completed. It stinks not being able to see through your final bit [of the season],” Farmer said.

Written by Staff Writers Helena Hansen and Eli Nilson

Photo by Emily Forgash