Winter ISSTs Day 1: Preview

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Varsity Girls Basketball:

Varsity girls basketball enters this year’s ISST championships at St. Johns International School with an 18 to 3 record.

Co-captain Kendal Fass (’19) believes that the team has a decent chance of winning the tournament, but is mindful of their three evenly-matched competitors: ACS Cobham, International School of Dusseldorf (ISD) and Zurich International School (ZIS). Fass pointed out that the tournament “could swing either way but that gold is within reach,” as ASL has both won and lost to the aforementioned schools. Having traveled to ZIS and hosted ISD and ACS multiple times, varsity girl’s basketball has had many opportunities to play against these teams and feels sufficiently prepared to take them on again.

Fass believes that despite the loss of a few key players including last year’s captain Mia Holtze (’18), this season has been the team’s “best season yet.” Despite the variance in age, with seven seniors, two juniors and three freshmen, the team has become very close over the past few months and is looking forward to spending more time together. Fass said, “That spirit, that’s where we get the hype from and where we do our best.”

Ultimately, Fass is hoping that no matter the result, the team will come out of ISSTs knowing that they have put their best effort in. “We kind of have to take it one game at a time,” she said. “But if it doesn’t work out that way we all know that we put in our best effort and are just excited no matter what happens.”

The team heads into the tournament with no injury concerns and minor illnesses.

Varsity Boys Basketball

Although varsity boys basketball only has three returners and a new head coach this year, their expectations are similar to those of last year’s silver medal team. As one of the returners, Captain Timmy Demetris (’19) has high hopes for the team. “We are heading into ISSTs with our eyes on the gold medal,” he said.

After starting the season off strong going 6-0 in their first six games. The team had a rough patch in the middle of the season with a four-game losing streak. However, in their last game of the season against the North School the team won 67-64 in overtime. Demetris said, “I think that everything we worked for has come together really well and this is a great way to go into ISSTs.”

Varsity & JV Swimming

Varsity and JV swimming head into this year’s ISST championship in Brussels with a positive outlook given last season’s overall ISSTs second place finish and this past season’s success.

Despite going into the tournament with much younger Varsity and JV boys teams this year, one of the four co-captains, Ally Larson (’19) believes that the boys “will all step up and have a successful meet.”

With a relatively similar girls team to last year, however, Larson hopes that the girls will be able to repeat last season’s success, taking home the Varsity and JV girl’s gold overall once again.

Races begin at 9:00 am on Thursday.

Varsity Rugby

Despite losing 10 players from last year’s team, the varsity rugby team is thinking positively going into ISSTs on March 7. They will head to Frankfurt to compete in the ISST tournament at Frankfurt International School (FIS).

Going into the tournament, Russell Cornelius (’20) believes this season has been more difficult for the team than others, as a result of injuries and tough opponents. “We have had a bit of a rough season with numbers and injuries, but we have a full and healthy squad for ISSTs,” he said.

The team is aiming high for ISSTs. “The ultimate goal is to come out with gold. We have practiced a lot and the team feels confident that we can perform,” Cornelius said.