A team game: Varsity girls volleyball ISST preview

Varsity girls volleyball will look to repeat their gold medal success in 2015’s ISST tournament when they travel to Vienna on November 9.

Grace Colucci (’18) believes that squad’s players adapted their game over the course of the season in order to fit as a unit. “I think that we’ve definitely progressed as a team,” she said. “At the start of the season, we were all very good as individuals, but as the season went on we’ve really meshed as a team.”

Colucci hopes that the team will change their approach ahead of the tournament. “Obviously, I hope to win. But I also hope that we all play our hardest and don’t get down on ourselves, which was an issue last season.”

She highlights Marianne De Ridder (’18) and Emily Barlow (’18) as two of the team’s key players going into the tournament. “I think Emily and Marianne are key to the team because they’re captains, but they’ve also been with the program for so long and know how ISSTs work, so they’re prepared,” she said.

The team travel to the Hague with no injury concerns.

Written by Sports Editor Jonathan Sheves