Strength in numbers: Varsity field hockey ISST preview

Varsity field hockey will look to improve on last season’s last-place finish when they head to The Hague on November 9.

Varsity Field Hockey Head Coach Randolph Richardson is happy with the development the players have made over the course of the season. “The players of the team have steadily improved throughout the season to the point where they are playing their best hockey, so I feel really good about going to ISSTs.”

The team go into the tournament with no injury concerns. Going into his first ISST tournament as Head Coach, Richardson admits that he would have liked the squad restrictions to be looser, “I just wish the ISST roster was larger,” he said. “With only 15, you want to make sure that you’re as physically prepared as possible and I think that we are.”

Richardson believes that the performance as a unit is far more important than any individual, and will look to utilize his extra numbers often.  “I believe in the saying that strength comes from the bench. The stronger you are as players come from the sidelines, on to the field, the better the team plays, and in that regard, we’ve got a team that’s pretty strong from the bench.”

The team go into the tournament with no injury concerns.

Written by Sports Editor Jonathan Sheves