Set for success: Varsity boys volleyball ISST preview

Varsity boys volleyball head into the 2017 ISST tournament on the back of a successful season and will look to clinch their first championship since 1988.

Varsity Boys Volleyball Captain Alex Ferragamo (’18) believes the squad has taken major strides since the start of the season.  “I think that we’ve improved hugely as a team,” he said. “Going back to the start of the season, half of our kids hadn’t played high school volleyball before and only two of us were returning varsity players, so it was very stressful at the beginning of the year as no one really knew what they were doing.”

Ferragamo believes that setter Tom Deagan (’20) must be at the top of his game for the team to stand a chance at ISSTs. “I think that our success really hinges on Tom. Because he’s our setter, he touches the ball every play. If he’s setting well, we play well. I think that he’s our key player,” he said.

Although the team has struggled with returning players in the past, which has led to the 29-year wait for a gold medal finish, Ferragamo believes that the futures bodes well for the squad. “Every year that I’ve been a member of the varsity squad, the starters have left,” he said. “This year, I’m the only one leaving, so we’re going to have five returning starters and seven returning players. Considering the level that everyone is at, we’ll be positioned nicely to push for a gold.”

The team go into the tournament with no injury concerns.

Written by Sports Editor Jonathan Sheves