Spring season ISST recap

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The Varsity Softball team won gold at this year’s ISST tournament at Canons Park, successfully becoming back to back champions. The team went through the tournament undefeated, winning with mercy against Frankfurt International School and the American School in Paris for the semi-finals. This set them up to being first in their pool before competing against Zurich International School for the final.

Their final game was a high-scoring victory of 18 – 12. The winning out was a foul ball caught by Jess Woodhams (‘20), securing the team’s second gold in a row. In the first inning, they pulled ahead with an eight run lead, each inning adding to that score with numerous doubles and triples. Captain Kendal Fass (’19) was proud of her team’s performance and the perseverance they displayed. “I am really happy with our ISST win,” she said. “We started out really strong, had a little rough patch in the middle but then we held it out to till the end.”

Woodhams noticed a big improvement from the start of the season. “I think we started off as a very young team and we built up over the season. We have improved on both our offence and defence by working through long days at Canons,” he said.

In addition to the team’s overall hard work and perseverance, certain members were given a special shout out during the awards ceremony. Meghan Lang (‘22), Lily Ferragamo (‘20,) and Fass received all-tournament awards due to their contributions to the team.


The Varsity Baseball team won gold at the ISST tournament at Canons Park. After winning ISSTs the past three years, this year’s win marked the fourth straight ISST gold. Conceding just two runs across the whole tournament, the team put up scores of 17-0, 10-0, and then 13-2 in the finals against Frankfurt International School.

Gray Koyanagi (’19), Timmy Demetris (’19) and Matthew Pope (’20) all received all- tournament awards.

In the final, Jarred Martin (’19) pitched six innings and helped propel the team to a win. Demetris notably hit a 3 run homerun in the first inning. Malakai Spencer finished 4-4 batting with 4 RBIs. “We have established a dynasty. The work the seniors on this team have done is unforgettable, however, through the talent of the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, our legacy will continue,” Pope said.


The Varsity Tennis team had a successful ISSTs with both girls and boys winning gold as well as winning combined gold. Day one started with the qualifiers and every team/player qualified for the last eight.

The second day was the start of the knockout rounds.. For girls single,s both Chloe Chace (’20) and Maria Lancaster (’19) qualified for the semi final. The played each other and Chace won the match, moving onto the final and Lancaster going onto the bronze medal match.

For boys singles, Jack Fellows (‘21) won both his quarter final and semi final match and went onto the final. Unfortunately, Yash Dhir (’20) lost his quarter final and consolation match on the second day, qualifying for the seventh and eighth place match.

Girls doubles had a successful second day, likewise, with Talia Vasaturo-Kolodner (’19) and Audrey Wilson (’19) and Amelia Learner (’21) and Eleanor Benton (’21) qualifying for the final, where they would face each other the following day.

Boys doubles had mixed results on day two with Eric Henrikson (’21) and Theodor Stenmo (’20) winning the quarter finals and semi finals, making the finals on Day 3. Unfortunately, Sasha Erdly (’21) and Axel Henrikson (’19) lost in their quarter finals match and won their second game which put them in the fifth and sixth place match on Day 3.

Sam Holzman (’19) and Libby Reagan (’19) won the quarter finals and lost the semi final for mixed doubles, which put them in the bronze medal match on Day 3. Alp Alkan (’21) and Solenne Jackson (’21) had the same result as Holzman and Reagan winning their quarter final match, but losing their semi final match. The two ASL team would face each other in the bronze medal match on the third day.

On day three, the successful results continued, with Chase finishing second in Girls singles and Lancaster finishing fourth. Fellows finished second in boys singles and Dhir finished eighth. For the doubles, the team of Vasaturo-Kolodner and Wilson won the match against Benton and Learner, so Vasaturo-Kolodner and Wilson won gold and Benton and Learner won silver. For boys doubles, Henrikson and Stenmo won their final, winning gold and Erdly and Henrikson won their match, finishing fifth. For mixed doubles, Reagan and Holzman won the match and finished in third and Alkan and Jackson finished fourth.

Although Stenmo was thrilled to win the gold medal for boys double, he was particularly happy about the overall performance of the team. “I am really proud of how everyone performed and the effort that we showed,” he said. “On that note, I hope we can keep it up for next year.”

These finishes were good enough for both the boys and girls team to finish first overall and win the combined championship.

Track and Field:

The Track and Field team ended their season on a high at ISST’s, winning first overall with the JV and varsity girls teams placing first, varsity boys team placing third and JV boys placing sixth. The team won 25 medals over the two day competition. Maddie Wilkin (‘22) credits the success of the team to the confidence that the coaches placed in them. “Our coaches were very encouraging and showed us that we had the power and the skill to take home the win,” she said.

Day one consisted of preliminaries for sprint and relay events, and some finals for field events and distance races. Maddy Whitman (’22) won gold in the JV girls 1500m, Madeleine Ashton (‘21) placed fifth in the varsity girls 1500m, and Aidan Norris (‘19) won the varsity boys 1500m, with Sal Cerrell (‘21) placing fifth in the same event. Anna Costello (‘19) won gold and Colette Gagné (‘20) won silver in the varsity girls Shot Put. The team also had many qualifiers for events the next day, including the JV girls 4x100m and 4x400m, the JV boys 4x400m, and the varsity girls 4x100m and 4x400m relay teams.  

Day two kicked off with some strong performances in the 100m, where Abby Dichter (‘23) and Alex Siegel (‘22) won silver in the JV girls and JV boys events respectively. Jasmin Taylor (‘21) won silver in the varsity girls 100m as well. The 3000m followed, where Ashton won bronze and Norris won gold in the varsity divisions. Whitman also won gold in the JV girls division, and set a new ISST record. That morning, Wilkin won bronze in the JV girls high jump, setting a new school record. Subsequent to the 3000m was the 400m, where Olivia Lang (‘22) won gold in the JV girls division and Taylor won gold in the varsity category. The JV girls 100m hurdles highlighted another memorable performance from Dichter, who easily won the event by over a second. The 200m marked some more impressive performances with Siegel winning gold and Taylor winning silver. The 800m brought more medals home as Whitman and Lang won gold and silver respectively, and Norris won a third gold medal. The relays were next with the JV girls team winning silver in the 4x100m and gold in the 4x400m. The varsity girls won silver in the 4x400m to close the tournament.


Varsity Golf capped off a successful season by placing 6th in the ISST tournament at AIS Vienna. Out of the whole team, six students were brought to play in Vienna. Patrick Fennelly (’19), Jack Clark (’20), Bella Muri (’22), Xander Clare (’20), Dylan Evans (’19) and Matthew Leonard (’19) competed over three days. Despite the sixth place result, Fennelly did not feel that it left a damper on the season. “We kept our hopes up, we saw our goals,” he said. “We were trying to score a medal but also just do our best.”

Led by Evans, the captain, the team had an undefeated season before arriving at ISSTs. They regularly played ACS Cobham and TASIS and enjoyed success on the course. Harry Pfiffer (’21) played his second year on the team and explained that he felt a rise in talent among this year’s squad. “A lot of people played very well,” he said. “Also as a team we all got better as the season progressed which is great to see.”

Fennelly echoed this sentiment, explaining that the tournament was not a full reflection of the progression made over the season, as he himself got injured and the team had to adjust to a new environment on the course. “It was kind of rough getting used to the course which was different from what we’re playing,” he said. “I wasn’t able to finish because of my back injury which we were down about, but it’s a learning experience.”

While the final result was not ideal, Fennelly explained that there were highlights in the tournament. “After practicing on the range we really worked hard to get our game up and then we came back for the first round and we played decently and definitely better than in practice,” he said.


Although not competing in an ISST tournament, both the development and performance crew teams competed in the National Schools Regatta this past weekend. A three day long event, the team went up against British schools as opposed to international schools. Alice Bake (’20) explained that most of the British schools have extensive crew programs that make for intensified competition, particularly for the developmental team “A lot of these british schools have been training for 1 to two years earlier than we have so it’s always pretty competitive, especially the younger years,” she said.

On Friday, May 24, the developmental team raced two quads. The following day, the performance team raced two girls doubles: one with Noor Zalt (’20) and Bake, and one with Catherine Bennett (’20) and Claire Wiest (’20). “Neither of us qualified for semifinals, but we made huge improvement,” Bake said. “It’s just an attitude amongst the team that we try and do our best and put it all out there.”

Also on Saturday, a boys quad consisting of Eliot Clide, Aidan Leary, Dylan Moran (’21) and Pete Greig (’20) raced. Eloise Lambden (’19) raced in a single.

On the final day, Jack Wilkin (’20) and Omar Ben-Gacem (’20) raced in a double, while Connor Eaton (’21), George Yardley (’21), Matthew Hansen (’21) and Jack Douglas (’21) raced in a quad. The girls quad that raced that day consisted of Kate Parkinson (’21), Katie Brosnan, Liv Leuenberger (’21) and Anna Duffy (’21). Tucker Moran (’19) raced in a single. Eaton explained that the regatta was a fulfilling way to end the season. “It was a very competitive event … we had a good time, making it through from the time trial to a final. It was really good fun being with the team and racing at the best event in the country,” he said. “Nothing beats the adrenaline of sitting at the start line awaiting the lights to go green. Although our result wasn’t fantastic, the experience was unbeatable.”

*Lead Features Editor Lea George contributed to reporting