Spring ISST preview

Spring ISSTs preview below:


Canons Park

Going into ISSTs, the varsity baseball team has a 6-2 record winning their last three games by at least 11 runs. Their two losses this season came against Frankfurt International School (FIS) in their first game of the season, and then against the International School of Brussels (ISB).

After winning ISSTs the past two years, the team hopes to be the first ASL baseball team to win three ISSTs in a row.  Head Coach Terry Gladis said, “I think that would be an amazing accomplishment that not too many teams are able to do in all of ISSTs in all sports.”.  Gladis also believes that because the team have won two years in a row it puts a “huge bullseye on the back of your head.”

Gladis believes that there are three main keys to the team’s success.  The first is to score runs early in the game. “Every time that we’ve scored runs in the first inning we don’t lose,” he said. Secondly, to throw strikes, and thirdly, to make routine plays on defence.  Gladis believes that if the team does those three things there isn’t a team in the tournament that can beat them.



Heading into ISSTs, the varsity softball team has a 7-1-1 record, winning their last game 31-13 against ACS Cobham. Softball had a 4-4 tie against the International School of Brussels (ISB) early in the season, and a 9-8 loss to TASIS.

The team is hoping to improve from last year’s fifth place finish and they think that a major key to their success will be their offensive presence. Head Coach Randolph Richardson said, “It is imperative that our team scores runs, as runs are what win games. After we score, we can focus on defense and maintaining a lead.”

Richardson believes it is important that the team has “a strong foundation” and “strength coming in from the bench that can support our starting players not only offensively, but defensively as well” he said.

Vice Captain Theo Longboy believes that the team needs to trust each other. “We know that we have the defensive component, we just need to maintain confidence in each other. In that way, we will be able to keep calm and most importantly, get wins.”



Going into this year’s tournament, tennis hopes to three-peat as overall champions. Over the course of the season the team has developed and gelled together well after eight seniors boys graduated last year.  

Going into the season, Assistant Coach Kenneth Craig believes that the absence of these seniors left a hole that needed to be filled, not only in skill level, but also in leadership. Craig believes that Co-Captains Axel Henrikson (’19) and Sam Holzman (’19) have stepped into the leadership role this season. “Even though [Holzman] was injured at the beginning of the season he came out to all the tryouts and helped out,” he said. “[Henrikson] has also done a great job taking his opportunity as a leader, after missing out on ISSTs the past two years.”

The first day of the tournament a series of round robins are played to decide who advances to the next round.  Craig said “the key the first day is to have all of our teams advance out of the flight,” so they can get the maximum amount of points.  Craig feels that the two new girls that came in were great additions to the team. “We have a new number one this year in Clem [Balzano (’18)], which really adds depth to the team,” he said.  

Track and Field

Track and field is heading into this ISSTs with only one senior Captain Matthew Clement (’18). He thinks having only one senior changes their goal going into ISSTs.  “I just want everyone to do their best as a captain,” he said. “I want us all to be happy with our performances.”

Head Coach Ryan Steege agrees with Clement as he hopes that the team does as well as they can and peaks at the right moment. “In terms of point scoring and placing and stuff like that it’s really hard to determine that when you don’t know most of the schools that’ll be there,” he said.

Although track is an individual sport Clement thinks that having support from your teammates is a huge key to being successful.  “Everyone thinks that track is just an individual sport but it’s really a team sport and having all those people there to support you really makes a difference,” he said.

Steege has grown close to the team over the course of the year. “I love the commitment they’ve shown throughout the year so if they do what they’re capable of doing …we’ll do fine,” he said.


Written by Sports Editor: Online Michael Flaherty and Sports Editor: Print Lily Whitman

News Editor: Online Jonathan Novak contributed to reporting