Crew compete in National Schools’ Regatta

Lily Whitman Sports Editor: Print

Alexandra Gers Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online contributed to reporting

From the May 24 to 26, the ASL crew team competed at the National Schools’ Regatta in Windsor, U.K. The Regatta hosted rowing races for junior competitors and welcomed schools and rowing clubs from across the U.K.

In the junior 15 men’s category, which competed on May 24, George Yardley (’21), Jack Douglas (’21), Connor Eaton (’21) and Matthew Hansen (’21) won the indoor relay, where teams compete using rowing machines over a distance of 2000 meters. For the junior 15 women’s category, Liv Lueneburger (’21), Cate Parkinson (’21), Katie Brosnan (’21) and Anna Duffy (’21) won the indoor race. Eaton won the individual indoor sprint, which is a distance of 500 meters.

On Saturday, May 25, the boys quad consisted of Nick Mannhardt (’18), Nick Kuenstler (’18), Jack Wilkin (’20) and Tucker Moran (’19), who came second in their final for the boys’ junior 18 category. Kuenstler was proud of the team’s overall performance. “[It was a] fantastic three days of racing,” he said.

On the final day of the Regatta, Kuenstler and Mannhardt finished 11th in their time trial race, which ranks them 11th overall in the country in the doubles category. Wilkin and Moran placed 16th in their time trial race as well.

The girls junior 16 quad consisted of Alice Bake (’20), Noor Zalt (’20), Houdah Daniels (’20) and Catherine Bennett (’20), which did not qualify for the finals of the time trials event. “Despite not having qualified for the finals, I felt it was the best I had raced in the last two years, and it’s a race I will not forget anytime soon,” Daniels said.

Eloise Lambden (’19) and Amanda Griffin (’19) competed in the junior 18 category but did not qualify for the finals.

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