Composure is key: Varsity and JV swimming ISST preview

Varsity and JV swimming will look to repeat last season’s outcome and win combined ISSTs again when they travel to The Hague on March 8.

Team captain Sissel Anderson (’18) believes that the team had a positive season full of individual progression. “Not only have people gotten faster and stronger individually, but we are also closer as a team,” she said.

Though Anderson hopes to repeat last season’s success, winning is not the ultimate goal for the team captain. “ My hope for issts is just for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, she said. “I hope people get best times and are happy with their performances and the team’s performance.”

Anderson believes that maintaining composure throughout the tournament will be crucial for the team to retain their championship. “It is key that we just don’t get too nervous and that we do what we have been practicing all year long,” she said. “We just can’t have any disqualifications and if we make no mistakes I think we will do really well as a team.”

The team will travel varsity boys swimmer without Jackson Olin (’20), who is out with the flu.

Written by Sports Editor Jonathan Sheves