All on the line: cross country ISST preview

Cross Country will look to turn last season’s fourth place finish into first when they head to Zurich for ISSTs on November 10.

Cross Country Head Coach Matt Twiest believes they are well prepared for the race at the end of the week. “Cross country is all about building towards your peak performance and, from the results we’ve had the last few weeks, I think we’re set up to have a lot of personal records.”

A concern for the runners is the fact that many of them do not have experience on the Zurich course. “Zurich’s course is particularly hilly, but we’ve been training on hills so we should be ready for it,” Twiest said.

Another factor that could play a role in the race is weather, but Twiest believes they will be able to deal with what comes their way. “I think we’re psychologically in a place where you can throw anything at us and we will be able to handle it,” he said.

The team will head to the tournament with a squad consisting of 28 runners, 7 for each teams: JV boys, JV girls, varsity boys and varsity girls. Following the culmination of November 10, the top five finishers from each team will be counted towards the overall score. The team with the lowest score will be named champions.


Written by Sports Editor Jonathan Novak

Photo by Faith Whitman